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From creator Anthony Montgomery (Star Trek: Enterprise) and co-written by Brandon Easton (WB's ThunderCats (2011)), MILES AWAY™ is an action-packed science fiction adventure through the eyes of 16-year-old MAXWELL MILES. Maxwell is a boy who develops a superhuman ability and gets recruited by a shadowy organization to help them battle evil. Aided by trusted companions, Max falls into an interstellar war as he explores his family's clouded past. Max and his allies meet extraordinary beings with phenomenal abilities while picking up valuable life lessons along the way. As the conflict rises, Max learns that before he can save the universe, he has to learn to save himself from the darkness of his childhood. MILES AWAY™ is a journey of self discovery where Maxwell Miles learns what it means to have faith in himself in an unstable environment. MILES AWAY™ will entertain, engage, educate and inspire youth and Sci-Fi fans around the world!

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